Scoliosis assessments

The early detection of Scoliosis is essential for effective treatment.

Without a formal school Scoliosis screening program, it is often left up to parents and carers to detect Scoliosis in their child. Regular screening needs to take place in girls from 10 years of age, and boys from 12 years old. Not sure? Schedule your free 15-minute Scoliosis screening at our clinic today.

What does Scoliosis screening involve?

The most basic level of Scoliosis screening involves a simple examination which may include posture photographs, a postural examination of the spine in different positions using a scoliometer ( a specific instrument to detect curvature in the spine) together with a family and past medical history. If there is any suspicion of a Scoliosis , follow up via spinal x-ray will be performed to exclude this diagnosis.

What happens next?

If your child has been diagnosed with Scoliosis, the next step is crucial in their outcomes. A full Scoliosis assesment is recommended to determine the severity of their curve, how much spinal growth they have ahead of them and the likelihood of the risk of progression of the curve. Based on these factors, a plan can be developed as to the best possible outcome for your child.

At Gold Coast Scoliosis Clinic our focus is and always has been on the best outcome for your child. We will refer to the relevant orthopaedic surgeon should your child’s curve be outside of the guidelines for the conservative management of Scoliosis.