Our 3D custom made scoliosis brace places your spine in the mirror image position of the scoliosis. This ground breaking technology is showing some impressive results in stopping the progression of the curve and in many cases, curve reduction can be achieved.

image of scoliosis back brace

We combine the results of your posture photographs, x-ray results and 3D full body laser BraceScan to create a custom made brace. The brace is front-fastening making it very user-friendly. It can be ordered in a variety of colours and designs.

More facts about scoliosis bracing:

Research has shown that surgery can be avoided in most cases when scoliosis bracing is prescribed, even with high-risk patients (Weinstein et al, Effects of Bracing in Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis, DOI:10.1056 / NEJMoa 1307337)